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WHAT is SMSHat?, a product of W2WTS is a high quality simple bulk SMS messaging platform designed to serve todays specific Business needs. With more than 800 networks live, easy to use interfaces you can send thousand of instant SMS in just no time. Thats not alone, SMSHAT has powerful database features to store and maintain your phonebook contacts, create groups to re-use in future. With graphical live reports you shall be updated with your campaign results all the time.

WHO CAN USE : Any Business can register and start using SMSHat for communication with its employees or local as well international customers. We'll support you no matter your size. Simply select the payment plan that you feel reflects your needs for the immediate future. We'll work with you and adjust your requirements as your business grows.

HOW TO USE : Register your business, choose a payment plan and start sending SMS from our easy to use web interface. You can even send SMS from your own website or applications by integrating our simple and secure ready to use APIs. Please refer Developers section for more information.

SMS API For Developers - Connect SMS to your application in no time

Our Successful and Simple APIs makes sending SMS easy and quick. Click here to check API details for connecting any software developed in any platform, any server, email application or web applications etc, once you can connected you can start shooting SMS based on your requirements and we assure you instant Delivery for all your transactional messages.

Our SMS API documents hold all the information you need

Check out our sample API codes for any help you should need in SMS integration

We Provide following BULK SMS API connections:

  • HTTP (Send SMS by calling simple HTTP API using GET/POST methods)
  • XML (Call XML API to send Bulk SMS)
  • Web Service (Consume SMSHat webservice and Send SMS by calling readymade methods)
  • SMPP (For Enterprise Customers and Telecom Operators)


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SMSHat SMS Messaging Features

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Instant SMS Delivery

SMSHat has buildup its own algorithem achiving instant delivery for all the transactional messages all the time irrespective of millions of messages getting submitted with different customer campaigns at same time on same destination.

Live Messaging Reports

Nothing is hidden, feel the technology how live reports get updated the moment message delivers on your mobile, summarized reports not only give you live stats but also show you graphically how many messages actually Delivered.

Duplicate SMS Filter

SMSHat builtup duplicate filter which will filter your messages in case by mistake you submit same campaign again with in 40 minutes of time, this will not only save your SMS credits but also make us follow Operator rules.

No Messaging SPAM

SMSHat strictly do not allow SPAM/SCAM type of messages and we only serve registered companies, as per Telecom Regularity Authority (TRA) any kind of SPAM/SCAM messages should not be pomoted for any country.

Send Arabic SMS

SMSHat supports non-English languages like Arabic, Chines, Urdu, Telugu, etc. Our interface not only support all kindly of language messages but also help you with its intelli message alerting in case you didn't selected Language option.

Send Long SMS

Send full story, very long content as single message, SMSHat will take care of spiliting it into parts and making a concatinated message and passing it to operator so finally it reach as single message on receipient handset, SMSHat also supports Long Arabic SMS

Send Group SMS

SMSHat technology made the messaging simple by introducing Group SMS feature, create any number of groups or campaigns with group name and discription tag helps you send any campaign just by specifing group name instead of uploading or writing numbers all the time.

Customized Bulk SMS

Personalized SMS is one made for particular recipient having its personal information like "Recipient Name or any other receipient related information, this can be achieve our Excel software as well as from our web interface, apart from this our API also supports customized SMS.

Multi-National Bulk SMS

SMSHat platform support SMS delivery in all over the world having hundreds of connections direct, indirect routes with very high quality and instant delivery, You can send single message to any group of people which can be from any country and all of them will receive the message at same time.


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(FAQs) Have Questions?? Here are few common answers :)

SMSHat is directly connected with UAE operators as well as 100 of other destinations, when you login and Send SMS it will get submitted to operator Network Du and Etisalat and instantly delivered on handset. You pay us and get credits to Send SMS

1) SignUp Now click here
2) Register Sender/Title for FREE (Email us NOC and TL)
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No Need To Purchase SMS, simply follow above steps and Get SMS, Test SMS and Use SMS just for FREE in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, etc

SMS Sender registration required 2 documents, which we will submit to operator team and they will approve sender name with in 2 to 3 working days, those two documents are
1) NOC(sample will be provided) letter.
2) Trade License copy.

It depends on Bulk SMS package you purchase, sender name will cost you AED 0 in all our packages, purchase any listed SMS package and get sender id without any charges.

SMSHat provides SMS Sending as well as Receiving SMS service, it is also known as 2 way SMS, we will provide you shortcode it can be dedicated or shared based on your requirement, shared is FREE of cost for initial few months, dedicated common shortcode will cost very small amount compaired to operator pricing.

UNLIMITED, but it will consume 2 credits for a message length exceeding 160 characters which is standard single message limit.

Very simple with full code sample Developer APIs provided which can be integrated easily in any web or desktop application, our APIs are platform indipendent so you can use it in any backend language and integrate as easily as 123..

YES, you can send Arabic or any other language SMS text message even from your application using our developer friendly high quality APIs.

We can achieve this with the help of our dynamic mobile applications for Android and IPhone users. Here is the Download link for Andoird


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